A small sample of some of my Foreign Cap books are running to the right. Why Foreign Caps? The answer can be found by clicking on the Intro tab on the 1st Navigation Menu to the left of this page. To go directly to each country: Click the Country tabs on the 2nd Navigation Menu. There's also a healthy Cap presence on the Tales of Suspense tab, which showcases Cap's pre-solo book as seen from a Worldwide viewpoint.
Cap from around the world!
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Welcome! This is very much a Captain America  and Foreign Comics appreciation website. It showcases an Icon that continues to inspire over many years and generations. Thank you Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. I mostly collect Captain America comic books from all over the world, so you'll not only see Caps from the U.S. .. you'll see rare books from Thailand, Indonesia, Greece, Italy, France, Australia, Turkey and Israel (among many other countries) plus a few special items that I've searched high and low for. Enjoy!

Thank you, CGC!
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