I was born in Shrewsbury, England; in early '64 and grew up listening to a cocktail of the Beach Boys and New Wave groups. Yeah, I know .. it's a strange concoction, but it's a mixture that sees me harmonising on vocals on some songs and hitting the s*it out of other songs! My first band (at 13) was THE NEW CLASS, but my first "proper" band was a full-on 4 piece called VENDETTA (a cross between KILLING JOKE and the BUZZCOCKS). We recorded nothing, but "the music bug" had got me. I got through my teens, making my first forays into studios first as a solo artist with BITE and then forming a band (taking the BITE name with me) and into my 20's, as BITE transformed into GUNLAW and later into BIG POP. I had a brief spell in musical no man's land, before forming the DAVINCIS. I settled in the early '90's in a band called TRASK (a name derived from the first initial of each band member's first name). TRASK released a 12" single on our own GUD record label ..  the imaginatively titled TRASK E.P. before we split. I spent several more years in the wilderness after the split, but "the bug" finally got the better of me in 2003. I put together KEBABYLON PRODUCTIONS and started building my own recording studio and recorded my first solo album there. Naturally, I called it: KEBABYLON

In 2005, I teamed up again with Trev (the 'T' in TRASK) and formed OTHERSIDE, releasing the VEIL OF TEARS 4 track E.P. in August 2006 and our debut album  LOOKING FOR THE FINE LINE in October. A remix of SWEPT AWAY  (the TIDAL mix) was released in May 2007, C/W an excellent remix by Luton Falls (the SIDEWINDER mix) and a demo of an unreleased song called: OFF THE CUFF. In June 2007, OTHERSIDE released a 23 track collection: AUDIBLE TRACES - VOL.1 (it included the first 2 singles and 16 rarities, alternates, unreleased songs and outtakes). Deborah Harris took over on vocals soon after that album was released. Deb and myself released the next OTHERSIDE studio album: EVERYTHING TURNS TO RUST in late 2007 and preceded that with a 4 track CD single: MORICANA.

As soon as EVERYTHING TURNS TO RUST was released, we released a 4 track remix CD from the album: CARTWHEEL, and also turned OTHERSIDE into a "proper" 4 piece band by introducing Alan Roberts on bass guitar and Stuart Carroll on drums and promptly started work on our 3rd studio album: THERE'S NO GREY IN BLACK! Stu quit 20:09:09 and my old bud, Dave Goodman; joined one week later.  Deb called it a day, a couple of months later and a  studio builder joined on vox, guitar and synth.

We played just about every watering-hole you could imagine, plus notching up some prestige gigs at the CAVERN CLUB and the O2 ACADEMY LIVERPOOL. We also had major label interest. Despite the disparate personalities in the band, we were quite the shit (I think that's the hip-thing to say, these days). 

OTHERSIDE called it a day in January 2012. We more than likely 'pushed the envelope' too far and imploded. These things happen. The journey though was amazing and I don't regret that for a second.