Capitaine America Et Le Faucon - Éditions Heritage
Being a Captain America collector is a double-edged sword. Yes, it's very nice to have such a large collection .. but storage is a problem .. and I also feel the need to share my Captain America "stuff" on the web. Hence this page .. a collection of links that will slowly be populated when I have the time .. that will link to individual pages, with each page showing a specific run of the title. As time goes by, I might even add runs that are not Cap specific. I have a hankering to want to show my Avengers West Coast comics here. But .. that's for the future .. 
Marvel Double Feature *COMING SOON*
Marvel Super Action
Tales of Suspense World Set Complete Run
Der Eiserne (Iron Man)
Risinn (Hulk)
The Titans
The Twelve
The Avengers (Marvel U.K.)
Mighty World Of  Marvel