Being a Captain America collector is a double-edged sword. Yes, it's very nice to have such a large collection .. but storage is a problem .. and I also feel the need to share my Captain America "stuff" on the web. Hence this page .. a collection of links that will slowly be populated when I have the time .. that will link to individual pages, with each page showing a specific run of the title. As time goes by, I might even add runs that are not Cap specific. I have a hankering to want to show my Avengers West Coast comics here. But .. that's for the future .. 
Fantasy Masterpieces
Marvel Super Action
Tales of Suspense World Set Run
Der Eiserne (Iron Man)
Risinn (Hulk)
The Titans
The Twelve
The Avengers (Marvel U.K.)
Mighty World Of  Marvel
The Hector Banda ASM 298 Set
Captain America (Marvel U.K.)