Here's a selection of Captain America's published by Republican Press in South Africa. Republican Press started publishing Captain America in 1980, only managing to put out 6 issues, each with a poster of a household-name of the time, ranging from Donny Osmond to Henry Darrow, the Fifth Dimension, Elton John, CHIPS (the T.V. series) and another whose name escapes me at this time (please feel free to contact me and let me know). Unusually, the first Captain America comic that was published in South Africa didn't even have its own title as #1. Instead, it was called .. The Avengers #1 and took its name and cover from the Avengers King Size Special #3 from 1969. I particularly like the SA Captain America #4, which uses the cover of the classic Steranko #110 'Hulk' issue. 

Captain America #01 (Supercomix - SA) CBCS 2.5
Captain America #02 (Supercomix - SA)
Captain America #04 (Supercomix - SA)
Captain America #05 (Supercomix - SA)
Foreign Comic Collector Magazine: Captain America - South Africa Supercomix