All of these French comics hail from the Artima/Aredit late '70's early '80's run. They have been Graded and slabbed by CBCS and were the first Foreign issues that I collected that started me on this whole, strange trip. The French Caps are particularly hard to find in a high, Raw grade due to having cardstock front and back covers and being squarebound books. It's true to say that a lot of the covers separate from the inner contents, due to the glue used at the time being especially brittle (and prone to drying-out). Nevertheless, they are gorgeous looking books. Although not a complete Series.1 run, I aim to put that right before much too long, along with Series.2.

Vol 01 Num 01 Legendary Heroes - Un Heros De Legende - CBCS
Vol 01 Num 02 Prisonnier Du Mandarin - Prisoner Of Mandarin - CBCS
Vol 01 Num 03 The Angels of Satan - Les Anges De Satan - CBCS
Vol 01 Num 04 The Ressurection of Bucky - La Resurrection De Bucky - CBCS
Vol 01 Num 05 Face De Pierre
Vol 01 Num 07 Dans Les Griffes De La Gargouille
Vol 01 Num 10 The Big Sleep - Le Grand Sommeil - CBCS
Vol 01 Num 11 Panic on Park Street - Panique Sur Park Avenue - CBCS
Vol 01 Num 12 L'Imposteur - The Imposter - CBCS
Vol 01 Num 13 Le Faucon Et La Vipere
Vol 01 Num 14 La Menace De Sollar
Vol 01 Num 16 Captain America Against Yellow Claw - Captain America Contre Griffe Jaune - CBCS
Vol 01 Num 17 Bombs on America - Bombes Sur Lamerique - CBCS
Vol 01 Num 18 Fighters of The Arena - Les Combattants De Larene - CBCS
Vol 01 Num 19 The Dawn of The Last Day - Laube Du Dernier Jour - CBCS
TELE Junior No.19