What do you do, when you'd like an industry legend (and one of the very few Golden Age Captain America artists still with us), 95 year old Ken Bald; to sign your one-of-a-kind Custom Bound 'Captain America Golden Age Covers' book, but .. he won't fly anywhere .. and I'm not in the U.S. at the moment? Also noting that no-one is immortal. If you can't bring Mohammed to the Mountain, you bring the Mountain to Mohammed. Here's Ken signing my book at the Rhode Island Comic Convention, on the 7th November 2015!! .. Thank you, soooo much Kevin Gawthrope, who acted as the go-between to Get! This! Done! Thank you, Kevin ... and thank you, Ken.
Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe Signed 'The Incredible Hulk' Vol.6, London Super Comic Convention, 23rd Feb.2013
Roy Thomas and  Neil Adams Signed 'The Avengers' Vol.10, London Super Comic Convention, 23rd Feb.2013. Tom Palmer added his signature, London Super Comic Convention, 20th Feb.2016.
George Perez sig on my 'Inhumans' Marvel Masterwork. Done at the LSCC ..
'The Siren Song', originally pencilled by John Buscema. Inked by Joe Sinnott. Signed by Joe for 'John Buscema: Michaelangelo of Comics', published by Hermes Press. 340/750
Andy Lanning comment on my Bound 'Force Works' volume. Done at the LSCC in 2012 and Dan Abnett adding his sig and comment at the Birmingham Comic Festival Convention. Edgbaston cricket ground, U.K. on the 23/04/2016.
A little (literally) Kieron Gillen sketch, added to my 'Thor' Custom Bound volume at the LSCC ..
Chris ('The Twelve') Weston signed the inside of his 'Chris Weston By Request' book of Commissioned Art for me. I Commissioned Chris to draw the '40's 'Black Widow'. Turned out to be one of my favourite Commissions.
Jim Cheung's sig. Signed at the 2012 LSCC, and then bound as 'Avengers - The Children's Crusade'.
Adi Granov signed 'New Avengers' #5 (as part of my 'New Avengers' Vol.1' Hardcover Custom Bind) at Shrewsbury's Infinity And Beyond LCS. Adi's was actually my very first creator signature
A personalised message to me and my wife from Ian Churchill (and an awesome head of Steve 'Marineman' Ocean), drawn in the 'Marineman' TPB.
'Marshall Law' signed by Kevin O'Neill at the LSCC 2016, 20th Feb and Pat Mills signed at ICE Brighton, June 2017.
Iconic Iron Man Artist, Bob Layton's sig on the Marvel Premiere HC of 'Demon in a Bottle'. Signed at the LSCC.
Lee Bermejo signed in my 'Winter Soldier' custom bound hardcover at the London Super Comic Convention 2015. Sat. 14th.
Dan Slott Signed Custom Bound Hardcover Of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Vol.10, London Super Comic Convention, 23rd Feb.2013 with Humberto Ramos adding his sig at the LSCC 20th Feb.2016.
Frank Cho (with 'Liberty Duck' sketch) and Humberto Ramos. signed at the LSCC 20th Feb.2016.
Matteo Scalera, (artist extraordinaire on 'Black Science'), signed at the LSCC 2016, Feb.20th.
Splash page from 'Knockout - The Invisible Hands'. Signed by Andrew Richmond and Cliff Jones at the LSCC 20th Feb.2016.
Sketch page from 'Knockout - The Invisible Hands'. Drawn by Andrew Richmond.
'Secret Invasion' #1 NYCC Midtown Variant. Signed by John Romita Snr. 104/499
'Secret Invasion' #1. Signed by Brian Michael Bendis. 103/275
'Secret Invasion' #1. Signed by Mel Rubi. 16/200
'Secret Invasion' #2. Signed by Mel Rubi. 263/400
'Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty' #1. Signed by Mark Waid and Ron Garney. 1586/5000
Rob Liefeld sig in gold, on Captain America (Vol.2) #1. I'm pretty sure I got this on eBay waaaay back!
Rob Liefeld sig in gold, on Captain America (Vol.2) #1 (Variant). I'm pretty sure I got this on eBay waaaay back! Another one hidden in my collection.
Thank you to George Perez for the wonderful, personalised, signed print. Aided and abetted by my FCC colleague, Matthew Roybal. Thanks, Matt. Above and beyond, mate. I’m tongue-tied and gob-smacked. Signed at the Albuquerque Comic Con, Jan.14th 2017.
PS Artbooks 'Black Cat Mystery' Vol.1 Slipcased Edition. Signature by Christopher Fowler
PS Artbooks 'Black Cat Mystery' Vol.2 Slipcased Edition. Signature by Johnny Mains
PS Artbooks 'Black Cat Mystery' Vol.3 Slipcased Edition. Signature by Stephen R Bissette
PS Artbooks 'Black Cat Mystery' Vol.4 Slipcased Edition. Signature by David Tosh
PS Artbooks Forbidden Worlds Vol.1 Signed by Edward Miller
PS Artbooks Forbidden Worlds Vol.1 Signed by Stan Nicholls and PS Publishing founder Peter Crowther

Thanks, Allen Bellman and Ken Bald for signing my Golden Age Captain America Cover Gallery book! You both brought life to a fictional Icon at a time when the world needed a hero. 

Thank you, Kevin Gawthrope and Matt Saltzman for going the extra mile to get Allen and Ken onboard.