Why are you here? Yes .. that age-old question .. No, not that question .. I mean .. why are you here on what seems to be a weird Captain America website that shows books in something that obviously isn't English? Good question. I'm guessing you stumbled across this website while searching for Captain America on the 'net. Let me extrapolate a little (without looking too far into your search history. I mean .. who wants that? Right??) I'm guessing you've collected comics for a long time and pretty much have everything you need. To be honest .. you're feeling a little bored 
and you may well be wondering why you're sticking around .. trying to remain 
interested in stories re-hashed at least a dozen times. You have exhausted the U.S. 
market. Bored. Did you know that even though your fave comics may have 
originated in the U.S. .. it didn't stop there? Your beautiful books
spawned a worldwide phenomenon .. many different countries published 
them and guess what? .. not many of them are in English and each publisher 
made their own mark on the foreign editions that they published. It's 
exciting! .. it's a whole, different trip and you know what? .. some countries 
produced better-looking editions than their U.S. counterparts (did that 
comment pique your interest?). 

This page (and indeed this website) serves as an introduction to that world. 

look left, you'll see a 2nd navigation column which has its own Country listing. Clicking on each tab will take you to a page where you can see all the Caps that I can find from that particular country