All comic book covers shown are scans from my own collection which has taken me years to source. If you'd like to show any of the covers elsewhere, I'd really appreciate a credit and link-back to this website. Thanks.

A small sample of some of my Foreign Cap (and Avengers) books are scrolling above.  Why collect non-U.S. comics, you may ask yourself? The answer can be found by clicking on the Why Foreign? tab on the 1st Navigation Menu to the left of this page. To go directly to each country: Click the Country tabs on the 2nd Navigation Menu. 

Collecting foreign comic books is a niche within the main circle of collecting comic books. Its an interesting sub-section of the genre and without doubt some of those books are harder to find than the U.S. 
As always .. Knowledge is king! Feel free to reach out to me at anytime: [email protected]
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" .. let's talk about scarcity. On eBay there's a 1000 Hulk 181's .. easy to find .. the only stipulation is .. are your pockets deep enough? If you're lucky to find a Mexican La Prensa El Capitan America #1, the question on your lips should be .. " .. can you find me another ??? .. "

~ Baroness Duvet L'Milque - Author of The Joy of Foreign Comics