The Incredible Hulk #03. Published by Newton Comics. Featuring the Steranko artwork from Captain America #110.
Homem De Ferro E Capitao America No.31. Published in Brazil.
Capitan America #26. Published by Editoriale Corno in Italy.
Capitan America #25. Published in Mexico by La Prensa.
Captain America #04. Published by Republican Press in South Africa as part of their Supercomix line.
The Mighty World Of Marvel Starring Daredevil and The Incredible Hulk #13. Published in the U.K. by Panini.
Captain America #1 Special Edition. Published by Marvel depicting the Steranko run on Captain America.
Marvel Super Action #12, reprint title from the late '70's.
Kaptajn Amerika #1, published in Denmark by Interpresse.
Kapten Amerika (Indonesia) nn. Serial Kapten Amerika on the cover, with the (story) title Melawan Komplotan Hydra. Probable Bootleg.
Capitaine America #3.Published by Editions Heritage (French Canadian).

Captain America #110 Set. SET ALMOST COMPLETE. (L-R) Australia, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States (Special Edition), United States (Reprint MSA), Denmark, Indonesia, Canada (French-Canadian). (Missing: United States #110).
A good friend posed a question to me a little while ago .. "If you're collecting Caps from all over the world, why bother making sets at all? All the books will eventually be in one place anyway". My friend is quite right. So, why am I doing this? What for?? Although the Community is still quite small (it won't always be that way) every day will be someone's first day as a Foreign Comic Collector (and they definitely won't know about set-building). So .. the long and the short of it is .. I'm doing it mostly for you new guys. To show what can be found and to understand that a book wasn't over and 
done with purely because it had a U.S. release. The story just starts there .. and then 
there's the cultural aspect. Finding a comic from former Yugoslavia? Good luck! It can 
be done .. that's the skill of it! It's a challenge to complete.
Captain America #119, Published by Marvel in the U.S.
Capitan America #35, Published by Editoriale Corno in Italy.
Capitan America Gigante #14, Published by Editoriale Corno in Italy.
Kaptajn Amerika #02, Published in Denmark by Interpresse.
Captain America #03, Published by Kobunsha & Marvel Comics in Japan.
Capitao America #05, published by Editora Abril in Brazil.
Captain America #119 Set. SET ALMOST COMPLETE. (L-R) United States, Italy, Italy (Magazine), Denmark, Japan and Brazil. (Missing Australian Yaffa #8).